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As everyone knows, budgets are tight and our schools never have enough money to secure the items necessary to educate our children. Throughout the school year, each teacher is given the opportunity to submit wish list items to the PTA. Some are large, some are small, and for some, the cost is so high that the wish seems impossible to fulfill. PTA exists as an advocate in the education of our children and to that end, wish list items are purchased by the PTA with some of the money that we raise throughout the year. However, this list is ongoing and we don't have endless funds to grant all the wishes that we would like.

Our MES PTA Wish List program was started to help teachers get items for their classrooms, without having to purchase them out of their own pockets. These little things do not amount to a lot, but they help the teachers, and they also help the students. This is an ongoing project for the PTA: one that we feel is much appreciated by the teachers.

Here's how it works: MES staff will request items to be posted on the MES PTA Wish List and send them to the program administrator who will post items by classroom, when possible. Wish list requests might range from frames for art projects to desk chairs for teachers to a replacement sound system for the auditorium. Below is a list of current requests.

To donate an item, send your contact information and the item description through our Contact PTA on-line form or send word to us through your child's teacher, and we will contact you to coordinate the donation and provide a receipt for the donation.

Items Currently Being Requested:

Description of Wish List Item Quantity
Staff Member

Photocopy Paper
This item is required for all handouts, in-class assignments, announcement, etc. It is always in short supply.

 As Much As Possible ASAP  Multiple Classrooms
Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpeners
The school is seeking the solid-steel pencil sharpeners that we used 30 years ago (they take a licking and keep in kicking)
10 ASAP Multiple Classrooms

Picnic Tables
The picnic tables on the playground are in severe disrepair; some are completely broken.

5 ASAP School Staff

Stationary Umbrellas (for Tables)
We are seeking umbrellas to go with the picnic tables to allow for shade on sunny days.

5 ASAP School Staff

Our playground sandbox needs more sand.

1 ASAP School Staff

Playground Net
We have a problem with the balls ending up in the woods. We are looking for a ground-net to keep the playground balls from being kicked into the woods.

1 ASAP School Staff

Playground Door Mat
There is no mat at the playground door for the children to wipe their feet when they enter the building.

1 ASAP School Staff

Classroom Rugs
The classrooms that have tile floors are in need of rugs for the children to sit on instead of sitting on the cold tile.

3 ASAP School Staff

Some of the classrooms are in need of bookshelves to house books and classroom items.

6 ASAP School Staff

Basketballs and Nets
Our hoops are missing nets and basketballs to go through them! The kids would love to have these availabale to them.

4 ASAP School Staff

Painted Blacktop Games
We do not have any painted blacktop areas for hopscotch or four-square. We are looking to have the blacktop painted to allow for these games.

1 ASAP School Staff

Tennis Balls
The chairs in the classrooms with tile flooring could use tennis balls to cover the feet. We are having a problem with noise and scraping of the floors.

50 ASAP School Staff

Tumbling Mats
To be used in PE class to allow the kids to tumble/roll in their classes.


Heavy Duty ShredderThe school needs something a little more powerful than a home office shredder. This would be used to delete documents with private/confidential information on it.

1 ASAP School Staff

The school is constantly using this for projects, hanging items within the school, organization, and in teaching.

5 ASAP School Staff

Tooth Necklaces
These are the necklaces that are given to the children when they lose a tooth at school. Contact the office if you would like to donate these.

50 ASAP Health Room

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